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Brothers Redeemed Quartet Announces Retirement after 15 Years of Ministry:

Ecclesiastes 3:1

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"

It is a sad day for us, but yet a joyful day. "Bittersweet you could say," says Cameron Woods- lead vocalist for the group. "When God says it's time, it is time."

Brothers Redeemed Quartet began their Ministry as a local trio based out of Springs Rd. Baptist Church in Hickory, NC in October of 2001. Rusty Townsend had a vision and a calling of God on his life to go out and spread the Gospel thru song. Rusty soon asked his brothers Keith to join forces with him as they began their search to fill the other positions to round out this group. After placing an ad on the Singing News website, Cameron answered and would soon join them to complete what was first known as Brothers Redeemed Ministries. Within weeks, Rusty and Keith learned that Cameron was not only a brother in Christ, but he was also their third cousin. They traveled as a trio for several years and had a few bass singers join them along the way for short periods of a time. Singing in mostly small churches and nursing homes, God started opening other doors for them to Minister on larger venues with other groups as well. It was at a Gospel singing at Brookford Community Center in Hickory, NC where the group stumbled upon a man by the name of Doyle Hopper, who was singing with another group at the time. Doyle told TBRQT that night "You guys have a good sound, but you lack one thing...a Bass singer." Within a few months Brothers Redeemed added Doyle Hopper to their lineup of vocalist to round out their quartet. Doyle traveled with the group for over 7 years and became their longest tenured bass singer. After 7 year's, Doyle's work schedule and singing schedule would soon become too much for him. Doyle realized it was time to retire from the group and the quartet within months added Ashley Moose. Along the way, they have had several personnel changes. Other group members have included: Todd Whitener, Shellem Cline, Randy Hartis, James "Teddy Bear" Robinson, and Scott Clanton, Jr.

Over the course of 15 years of Ministry, God has blessed them with several charting songs, multiple individual nominations for awards, as well as nominations as a group. But their most notable award came in 2012 when they received the Christian Voice Magazine's Award for New Excelling Artist's of the Year! All of this has been exciting for the group as a whole, but every member will tell you that this compares nothing to seeing someone come to know Christ as their Savior.

With the announcement of the retirement of the group, Rusty Townsend, Owner of the quartet has asked that each member, active and some past members to please briefly share their thoughts with you.

James "Teddy Bear" Robinson wrote this:

I first want to thank the Lord for saving me when I was 6 years old; I can do nothing without Him. Secondly I want to thank Rusty, Cameron and Keith for believing in a 16 year old boy with a love for Southern Gospel music and a love of singing. They took me into their families and were a friend and guidance during my teen years. At first I thought that Keith's driving up the mountain was going to be what took me out of this world. Once I survived that, I knew the traveling thing wouldn't be so bad. Lastly, I want to thank the congregations and groups of people who have supported us through words of encouragement, donations, and love of the Lord we sing about. Some have become more than just faces in a crowd and have become friends and family. Please continue to pray for each of us as we pursue the paths in which God leads.

Love and Prayers- James "Teddy Bear" Robinson

Doyle Hopper writes:

To all current, former, family and friends of Brothers Redeemed Quartet. I was a member of this quartet for 7 years and I can honestly say that this was the highlight of my life! One of the things on my "bucket list" was to sing Southern Gospel music with a good quartet. Thanks to Rusty, Keith and Cameron I was able to do this. Not only a good quartet, but in my opinion a GREAT QUARTET! We shared many a great and memorable days and evenings together, but the most memorable was the affect our music had on the people that we sang too. Seeing so many rededications and newcomers into the family of God was worth every second of the 7 years. Even though I left the quartet, these guys continued to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to so many. I have met many wonderful people along my journey with TBRQT and the families of these guys I consider as my own. I'm sorry to hear the retirement of the group, but God knows what is best, and I'm sure He has better plans ahead. THANK YOU, AND I WILL CHERISH YOU ALL FOREVER.

God Bless- Doyle Hopper

Ashley Moose said:

I would like to thank God for the opportunity to be able to travel with Brothers Redeemed Quartet for the years that I have. I would also like to thank the family and friends that have supported me through that time. I hope to see everyone again because I'm not saying goodbye to Southern Gospel music just yet. I don't feel that God is finished with me in music Ministry yet, so this is more of "I'll see ya later." I pray that God has another group for me in the future. I pray that I will continue to see everyone and that you would continue to support me through the time God has for me to be able to continue to do His work. I pray that God allows me to see a lot more souls come to know Him; whether it be through song or by something He may give me to say.

Thanks Again- Ashley Moose

Keith Hendrix shares what may be the briefest message I have ever heard him say! ;)

Ecclesiastes 3:1 "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"

As this season of ministry ends, it is exciting to see what the new season may hold.  We will continue to follow the direction God has set before each member (past and present) of Brothers Redeemed.  If we never meet again this side of Heaven, just look for me when we get Home.

God Bless- Keith Hendrix

Rusty Townsend on the groups retirement:

15 years of ministry and a labor of Love that God had graciously bless us with and now a time to lay that ministry aside to follow yet another door that the Lord is opening.  I would like to first say Praise be to God for the many blessings he has bestowed upon us over these past years not to mention the many old and new friends we had the privilege to worship with.  I have so many things I would like to say but it would take a 700 page or more book to put it all in words.  So my prayer and thought to you is this, look past your will and wants as you allow God's will to envelope your whole being giving you the desire to share the gospel with whatever talent he has given you.  Thank you all for your love, prayers and support.  A final thank you to my Family for allowing me to miss many family affairs to share the talent God so richly allowed me to share with others. 

Rusty Townsend

Cameron Woods sharing his heart:

Words cannot begin to describe the feelings that I have dealt with over the last several months. I cannot begin to tell you how hard it is to put something down that you are so attached too. All I can say is this; When God says it's time, and you hear that voice so clearly, how can you say no?

I want to first start by thanking God for saving me and for giving me this incredible opportunity to share His Word in such a unique way. I thank Him for the talent that He has instilled in me. I thank Him for the MANY souls that He has given us for our labor in Ministry. I thank Rusty and Keith for not only giving me the opportunity 15 years ago as an 18 year old boy, but for also allowing me to take the reigns of Management once Rusty came off the road 5 years ago. I thank my parents for being there and supporting me whenever we were within driving distance for many years. But I can't go any further without thanking my amazing wife who has supported me through it all! Many, many weekends she spent raising our 3 children without me being there; and she did it without complaining. What an amazing woman?! I want to thank all the guys that I have been privileged to share the stage with over the last 15 years. Each member past and present holds a special place within my heart! We as Brothers Redeemed have always been a family, and we will continue to stay a family. I want to thank all of the fans and friends that we have made over the last 15 years. Many of you have had such an impact on each of our lives. I know because you've impacted mine! It was your prayers that brought healing to my son after he was born with the problems he faced. I would like to also thank all the churches that opened their doors to a little Gospel group just trying to share God's love, and for your generous offerings to further our Ministry. Thank you Pastor's for sharing your pulpit/stage with us.

Even though God is closing this door of Ministry for us, I believe that God has something bigger in store. It may be hard to see the bigger picture now, but in God's timing, we will sit back and say "Wow, He did it again!" As we each go our own ways, my prayer is that God continues to bless these fine men of God and their families. I love them dearly and wish nothing but the best for them as they fulfill the plans that God has in store. Please continue to pray for us all daily. Pray that we always follow God's desires and not our own. That in my opinion, is the hardest thing in life as a Christian to do.

In Christ Alone- Cameron Woods

You do have a few more opportunities to catch these guys in concert before they lay it all down.

-October 1st- Brushy Mountain Apple Festival in N. Wilkesboro, NC (Time TBA)

-November 6th- First Baptist Salisbury in Salisbury, NC @ 6:00pm

-January 8th- Covenant Baptist in Conover, NC @ 10:00am (Final Performance)

Make plans now to attend one of these final concerts!

 -Over the last 14 years, Brothers Redeemed has been BLESSED to see hundreds of souls come to know Christ through their Ministry! Their prayer for 2014 is no different. To see souls come to know Christ is one common goal that these 4 men share. "We give God all the praise, honor, and glory for the work HE is doing through our Ministry, and we pray that we continue to see souls come to know Him, as we strive to share the Gospel through song!" -Cameron Woods

Words from our supporters and friends:

 -"True Southern Gospel quality comes to mind when I think of Brothers Redeemed. I have known this group of men for years now and I have seen them grow spiritually as well as forming an overwhelming sound. This is a group that not only entertains you, but will bless your heart. I truly recommend this group of friends to any venue or gathering." - Jason Funderburk (Driven Ministries)

We are proud to be represented by one the leading agencies in Southern Gospel Music. Contact Randall Wilds at New City Talent Agency to book Brothers Redeemed today!